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Student Council

The Junior School

The aim of the Junior School Student Council is to improve their school through encouraging social, cultural and other extracurricular events in the local community.

 A student council representative who is voted on by their class members is assigned to each class. That student passes on requests, ideas and gives feedback from students in that class to the student council, giving every child in the school a voice.

The structure of our student council includes a president, a vice president, secretary and a treasurer. Meetings are held every Thursday morning before school starts throughout the year. Students are voted on after they have given a speech to their class and a secret vote is carried out.

The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and leadership team.  They often also help raise funds for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, helping people in need and school reform. They also help care for the environment.

Here are some of this year’s achievements:

Art Competition

The student council promoted an art competition to make children aware of the importance of cleanliness to avoid sickness. The winning posters were enlarged and placed around the school.

Canteen Food

The student council met with the canteen leader and discussed how we can make the canteen healthier.  This included having more brown bread and fruit options.

Cinema Night

Our very popular cinema night raised 900 euros. The student council voted to buy P.E equipment for our playground.

Fruit day

Fruit day was also a great success. We sold 200 cups of fresh juice and raised 200 euro’s for a children’s charity.


Our student council met with our P. E leader to discuss having small tournaments within each year group.

We will continue this with our new committee, with many more ideas and exciting projects.

A special thank you to everyone who helps and supports us. A very big thank you to our student council for all their hard work.

For the first time please click the link below to see our student council magazine!

Many thanks to our student council for all their hard work.


The Senior School

The Senior School Student Council provides the opportunity for every student in the school to voice their opinion concerning school matters. Through communication with their Year Representatives, any student’s ideas, issues and concerns can be brought to the attention of The School’s Leadership Team. The role of the Student Council is to contribute to developing policies to the school, improve the school atmosphere, conditions and facilities, and generate good relations between students, staff and management. The Council also organises a wide variety of social, environmental and charitable events.

The Council Members

The Student Council as of October 2018 are as follows:

Year 13 representatives

  • Mathew Georgiou – President
  • Andrew Kollitsis

Year 12 representative

  • Isabella Luomo – Vice president

Year 11  representatives

  • Georgia Economidou  – Events co-ordinator
  • Danae Panayiotou       – Secretary

Year 10 representative

  • Sylvia Anastassiou –  Treasurer

Year 9 representatives

  • Giorgos Hadjisavva
  • Danae Panayiotou

Year 7 representative

  • Emily Kyriakides

Current and Upcoming Events

The Student Council is currently organising a “Harry Potter” whole school marathon. The money raised will go towards local charities. A whole school rock concert is also on its way as well as many events during Carnival season…

Past Achievements

Here are just a few of The Student Council’s many achievements:

·        Uniform Committee

The Student Council assisted on the Uniform Committee this year, discussing the student dress code with The School Management Team, various teachers and parents. A number of great changes were made; including the original design of the new school tie!

·        Christmas Classrooms

The Council hosted their annual Classroom Decoration competition in the last week of the autumn term. The theme this year was ‘A Green Christmas’, and all forms had to decorate their classroom using only recycled materials. The winners won a large box of doughnuts!

  • Christmas Cheer

The council also spread the Christmas spirit around the school by selling candy canes and organising numerous bake sales. All the money collected was given to local charities in need.

  • Syrian Refugee aid

The Council also raised awareness about the current refugee crisis to its fellow students by organising a food and clothes bank.

  • Careers Evening

The Student Council actively took part in this very important evening by finding careers that interested students as well as being there on the night and helping out.

  • Treasure hunts

Joining up with the P.E Department, the Council orgainised a festive Year 7 treasure hunt. The Year 7s were absolutely thrilled.

  • Promoting school spirit

By setting up a Facebook page and working with the Student Magazine, school spirit has soared. The Council regularly posts messages, videos and reminders on this page. This page enables excellent communication between the Council, the students, the teachers and parents.

  • Teaching improvements

When asked by the new Teaching and Learning committee, the Student Council actively voiced out what students thought about the current teaching methods at the Senior School. This co-working enabled good communication between the students and their teachers.

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