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Admissions & Student Transfer

The Junior School

The Junior School accepts applications for all year groups at any time of the year. However the first entry point is at Pre School; its wise to apply as soon as you are clear that you want your son or daughter to attend our school, and the earlier the better.

It’s worth noting that the Pre School Year (the year the child is two) is considered very valuable for the child’s development and is the first year of the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’. Parents are often tempted to leave their son or daughter in the nursery or pre school that they’ve attended from a very young age; friendships are established and it sometimes appears more convenient. We strongly recommend that the children start with us as soon as possible, in Pre School or Pre Reception, so as to adjust to life in a big school, with the associated social and academic expectations. Immersion in English is also beneficial from as early an age as soon as possible.

Having said that, we often have places in other year groups and it’s worth making an enquiry if you are interested in your child attending our school, regardless of the year group you’re interested in.

The Senior School

Entry into Years 7 to 11

Applications for admission into The Senior School can be made at any time up to the end of February each year. Due to Ministry regulations, entrance exams are now held the week preceding the School’s Easter break. For confirmation of the exam date, parents should call the School directly leaving plenty of time to complete and submit their application form.

Applications can be submitted directly through our website using our Online Application Form.

Alternatively, application forms can be either downloaded from our website (see The Junior and Senior School Application Form (PDF version)) or picked up from the School’s Reception.

Applicants will then be contacted directly by the School and guided through the next stages.

On the day of the Entrance Exams, children will be tested in English, Maths and Greek (if appropriate) and will also be required to attend a short interview with one of the examining teachers at some point that morning. Results will be posted on the School’s website and outside the School’s Reception within a week.

Students entering from our primary department, The Junior School, have priority for Year 7 places, but are required to have successfully completed the Year 6 programme.

All applications must be accompanied by the following which can be found listed at the end of the application form;

  • copy of birth certificate
  • copy of passport
  • copy of the latest school report
  • a doctor’s medical certificate
  • two passport photos
  • the registration fee (currently €150).

In the case of overseas applicants, the submission of the application form should be accompanied by an e-mail containing at least the latest available school report. The remaining items can be submitted on arrival to Cyprus prior to the entrance exam.

Entry to the School is normally at the beginning of the school year in September but places may be offered throughout the year according to availability and successfully passing the entrance exam.

Acceptance of a place offered must be confirmed within one week of an offer being made and secured by a non-refundable payment of the €750 ‘School Development Fee’, a ‘one off’ fee that contributes to ongoing improvements to the School, plus €700 pre-payment (part of the first term’s fees).

Entry into the Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13)

Students applying for places in the Sixth Form are required to fulfil our entry criteria of five I/GCSE’s, with grades A to C including Maths and English Language. Applicants should submit an application form accompanied by a school report showing their predicted grades for the subjects they will be taking. On receipt of this, the School will contact the applicant to discuss their application further.

For further information regarding admission to our School, please contact us directly on +357 2266 0156, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 2.00pm.

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