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School Life

Teachers work hard at The Junior and Senior School to make learning engaging, interesting and relevant. They are constantly looking for ways in which to create varied and lively learning experiences whether in or outside the classroom.

Some of the opportunities students are offered at the School are:

  • Trips to destinations in Cyprus such as Akamas, Kourion, villages in the Troodos, Santa Marina Activity Centre
  • Trips to destinations abroad such as Switzerland (skiing), Poland and Germany (History), Greece and Spain (art and culture)
  • Visits to the School by theatre groups
  • Involvement in Choir, Orchestra and musical concerts
  • Involvement in whole school theatrical productions
  • Field trips with the Science and Geography departments
  • Sports tournaments and fixtures against other schools
  • Involvement in the Student Council

We encourage students to take the initiative and get involved in projects, activities and schemes whether they are to do with performance, sport, fundraising or simply creating fun events for their fellow students.

Break times are particularly active. There may be one group of students selling tickets for a School disco, whilst another group is holding a cake sale in aid of charity and yet others are decorating their classrooms with recyclable materials for Christmas as part of an Eco Schools competition.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it