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The scope of the Junior and Senior School Alumni Association (JUSSAA) is to help build a link between past students who enjoyed the Junior and/or Senior School experience, and current students and staff of the School. Alumni’s will be invited to share their field of expertise, ‘know-how’ and networks with current students, staff and other alumni who are interested.

Alumni may also contribute by supporting projects within the School which need sponsorship and other types of material or physical support, or by proposing new projects which will be beneficial to the wellbeing of the students and the School.

Naturally, it’s vital that any projects are initiated and developed in close co-operation with the School’s management.

Becoming an Alumni

Please contact JUSSAA via the School or fill in the online Alumni Membership Form.

How to Contribute to the JUSSAA

Alumni are invited to share any expertise or contacts which might be of use to either the School Community or the curriculum of the School/ both Greek or English.

Essentially, we also invite financial contributions. If you’d like to support a specific project then please contact the School and we will supply information about current developments that would be appropriate to support. Alternatively, you may simply wish to make a donation and leave it to the School’s discretion as to how the amount could best be utilised.

Please note, the School is not for profit and operates purely from its fee income. There are always initiatives and projects that could benefit from financial support. All donations via JUSSAA are tax efficient as JUSSAA is a registered charity. More information can be provided by the School’s Finance Department if needed.

Current Projects/Initiatives that can be supported;

  • Junior School Renovation Project
    • Library Furniture and Equipment
    • Learning Support Department Furniture and Equipment
    • Administration and Finance Department Furniture and Equipment
  • Junior School Laptop Project
  • Foundation Stage Outside Learning Equipment

Sponsorship & Support So Far

The School has been fortunate enough to receive generous donations from several sources. At this time all donors have requested to remain anonymous.

Alumni Newsletter 

Photo Albums


This album hosts photos from the past that we are seeking to collect. We welcome any contribution from individuals who have access to photographic material relating to our school.


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