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Student Support KS5 (Sixth Form)

The Head of Sixth Form provides care and guidance for all students in Years 12 and 13. She monitors their academic progress, stepping in with support and intervention strategies if underachievement is perceived. There is a very rigorous academic concerns policy which means that no student is allowed to ‘fall through the net’ in our Sixth Form. Students are individually monitored by their Form Tutors on a regular basis and receive guidance regarding University and careers choices.

The Head of Sixth Form oversees the UCAS (University and Colleges Application System) and writes all references.

Those young men who will be going on to do their Army service after completing their studies are prepared for this part of their lives in a weekly dedicated lesson during Year 13. They also attend a familiarisation visit to an Army base.

The School provides a Supervised Study Room for Sixth Formers where they spend their individual study periods when they do not have a timetabled lesson.


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